Domestic Logistics

Local time delivery
Your products are received from your store any time you like and delivered to the destination any time you like.
Local transportation with hangers
Textile products that must be carried without parcels and packaging can be delivered to their destination without any problems in our vehicles with hangers that can carry out delivery work locally.
Local during the day flexible distribution
Products received from your store one day in advance will be delivered to your customers during the day within the framework of a route plan after being combined with other deliveries
Chain Store Distributions
Your products are delivered to all the chain stores either with a direct vehicle or with routed vehicles.
Intercity partial freight;
Small products of our partial customers which cannot be carried in complete vehicles ready for delivery are pulled to our storage, are consolidated with the other products and delivered to its destination door-to-door by us.

A suitable vehicle is supplied by our local and intercity complete vehicle organization domestic logistics department either from the vehicles of our company or from contracted partners that meets your demands and the process from the moment the vehicle is loaded to the delivery thereof at the destination.


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